About Us

Wolfhound™ Motors was created to address the challenges and problems in the evolving alternative energy space in urban transportation. We are powered by Tau Lotus Inc. USA and founded by a team of Aerospace engineers and Ecology conscious entrepreneurs. With an unwavering passion to provide better solutions to the mobility landscape, we began our operations in California USA in 2018 and developed the prototype of our first electric motorcycle in 2023.

At Wolfhound™ Motors, we develop, manufacture, and distribute highly integrated, smart, and accountable AEVs (Alternative Energy Vehicles) that address the global challenges and opportunities of urban transportation and lifestyle. Our mission is to primarily focus on safety in mobility, accountability in sustainability, as well as reduce users’ risk and responsibility, by providing the best alternative solutions across global transportation.

Through our engineering expertise, our self-designed modular energy system fitted in our vehicles can adapt to any future alternatives, hence increasing the longevity of the vehicle itself. We are also focused on building eco-friendly high-density energy resources that can be easily used in our vehicles or synchronized with any future inventions, further securing a customer’s investment in the vehicle.

We envision ourselves as a larger contributor to more accountable, affordable, safe, and consumer-driven transportation for advancing urban living.